Dog Blanket Terms: Weight/Fill

If you’re looking for a durable blanket for your dog to wear outdoors  and on the go then you should check out local tack shops and sporting  good stores. These often carry the more popular outdoor blankets for  dogs that are made to last and withstand tough outdoor conditions. If  you hike a lot with your dog then this could be the type of blanket for  you. When looking at the blanket options you may come across the term of  weight or fill. In regards to the blanket, the weight or fill refers to  the amount of stuffing used in the blanket. The stuff is what provides  the warmth. A weight or fill of 0g means it’s simply a sheet with no  protection or warmth provided. This is most likely a rain coat that  simply keeps the water out. A blanket with a weight or fill of 150 to  225 grams will provide warmth. Ask your animal hospital Wichita, KS for  assistance.

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