Guardian Donkeys

Donkeys, whether full size or miniature in size, can make pretty good  guards over livestock and property. Why? Well, the main reason is that  donkeys are very protective of their territory and if there is livestock  like sheep or goats living in their territory then the donkey is going  to protect them as well. Nothing gets past a donkey. Whether it’s a wild  coyote or your neighbor’s dog, a donkey will immediately charge, attack  and kick the intruder until it’s either dead or it runs off. If you  have small goats or sheep and you’re worried about predators then talk  to your vet and local donkey owners about bringing a donkey into the  mix. Donkeys do not spook easily. They fight when there’s danger and  they bray loudly to let everyone know what’s going on. Talk to your veterinarian Wichita, KS to learn more on how you can add a guardian donkey to your  herd.


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