Best Way to Dry a Horse Blanket

If you’re bringing in a horse with a soaked blanket your first  instinct may be to remove the blanket and hang it up somewhere to dry.  This could work if you have a warm or heated tack room or a cool, dry  place to hang the blanket. Otherwise, the blanket is simply going to  drip and stay wet. No, it won’t drip dry at least not overnight or even  over the next 24 hours. So what to do? The answer is simple. Leave the  blanket on the horse (as long as the horse is dry underneath). The  horse’s natural body heat will eventually dry out the blanket making it  completely dry and ready for removal and re-use the next day. If it’s  particular cold out then the blanket can be left on. Not only will it  dry, but it will also provide that extra layer of warmth. To learn more, speak to your veterinarian Wichita, KS.


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