Feline sickness symptoms

Your cat is likely to hide the symptoms of sickness that may make her appear weaker than she usually is, as this helped to prevent her wild ancestors from becoming the target of predators. How can you recognize when your pet isn’t feeling well?

Your cat needs you to bring her in to see her veterinarian right away if you feel that she isn’t behaving as she normally is. Common sickness symptoms will include spending time in different ways, like relaxing instead of being active, eating less than normal, and having atypical eliminations. She may show subtle signs, like seeming a bit uncomfortable, or outright signs of a problem, like vomiting or sneezing. An evaluation from a professional will allow you to better understand your pet’s needs. Your local veterinarian Norwalk, CA can help you offer your pet a wonderful place to call home. To know more, you can visit


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