Bath Wipes for Dogs

Does your dog hate getting a bath? No problem. If he comes in the house smelling and looking like he carried half the yard in with him then you can either push for a bath or use pet bath wipes to clean him up. Pet bath wipes can be found at most pet stores in the same area where pet shampoos and other coat products are. Make sure the bath wipes are safe for animals and read the instructions on whether the wipes can be disposed of in the trash or toilet. (Although it’s best to always toss the wipes in the trash). Use the wipes to clean your dog’s feet after a muddy walk, wipe away the grass stain from the quick roll in the grass, or even wipe away the dirt from the fight with the other dog. Bath wipes can save time and the hassle of a full bath. Consult with your veterinarian Downingtown, PA to learn more.


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