The Bearded Collie

Are you in the market for a large and loving dog that is playful and  gets along with family members of all ages? Check out the Bearded  Collie. This gentle giant can reach around 45 to 55 pounds and can live  14 to 15 years. This breed needs a lot of space indoors so he doesn’t  feel cramped in his home. He also needs lots of space outdoors so he can  run and play. The giant is a shaggy breed and will need to be brushed  daily. Baths should be given every 6 to 8 weeks. Of course this can be  done at home or at the grooming salon. The Bearded Collie comes from the  European Herding dog family and is a mix of the Magyar Komondor and the  Lowland Polish Sheepdog. The Bearded Collie prefers a job or task in  the home even if it’s just guarding the home. Training should be  consistent. Work with your animal hospital New Orleans, LA to learn more.


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