Spider Bites in Cats

Did you know that cats come into contact with different insects on a  regular basis? Cats like to lurk and prowl around inside and outside.  This includes going under furniture, in shrubs, through the attic, or in  the basement. All of these places could possibly harbor insects and  even spiders. It’s important to know what spiders are common in your  area. Harmless spiders typically won’t bother cats and even if your cat  disrupts one he will most likely be fine. Bite or no bite. However, if  you have poisonous spiders in your area, be sure to fumigate and get rid  of the spiders in a cat friendly manner. You should likewise check your  cat for any type of spider bite. If you find any strange looking bite  on your cat then call your vet New Orleans, LA. Some bites will only  need a cold compress for swelling while other bites may need medical  care.


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