Dogs and Crayons

Dogs are like little children and that means that you have to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t put things in their mouth that don’t belong. It’s hard to do that if you also have human children running around. Here are some things to watch out for specifically. First, make sure your children always pick up their toys. Your dog could easily choke on something. Make sure the crayons are put away as well. Should your dog accidentally eat a crayon, don’t panic. Instead, call your vet or animal poison control. They can ask questions to help determine if treatment is needed. You should find the crayon your dog ate or a similar one from the same pack to determine if the packaging says that the crayons are non-toxic. In most cases it’s non toxic and harmless. Your dog may simply pass the crayon and have different color poop. You can talk to your veterinarian Cherry Hill, NJ for more tips.


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