Picky Eaters: Canines

Is your dog refusing to eat his food? Is he turning his nose up at treats? You should call your vet and schedule a checkup to make sure this isn’t a medical problem. In many cases, your dog may just be bored of his current food and want something else. Dogs can be picky eaters. One of the causes can be that they’ve been fed table scraps or another food in between dog meals and they’re refusing to eat their regular food now. If this is the case, stop feeding anything but the usual dog food. In addition, you can try switching up the food a bit. Replace the dry food with a wet or canned version of the food. You can switch out one meal a day or simply add wet food on top of the dry food to add some variety. Talk to your Veterinarians London ON about adding other food toppers to help coax your dog to eat.


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