Degenerative Joint Disease in Rabbits

Did you know that there are various illnesses and health conditions associated with rabbits? Some of them are genetic while others may occur due to the environment. There are also illnesses that come on as the rabbit ages. One of those is called Degenerative Joint Disease or DJD. This is a long-term disease that typically develops when cartilage surrounding muscle joints starts to slow deteriorate. This is not to be confused with arthritis, which is when the muscles around the joints begin to swell causing discomfort. DJD needs to be diagnosed by a veterinarian before treatment can be discussed. If you believe your rabbit is having mobility issues, schedule a checkup. Your vet can conduct a physical exam and go through various ranges of motion as well as take x-rays to determine if DJD is present. Please do not self diagnose. Your rabbit may not have DJD even if he is having trouble moving about. Let your Pet Clinic Las Vegas NV make the diagnosis. 


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