Mange in Cats

Mange is a common skin irritation or skin illness that is found in canines. It can also be found in felines. One of the more common forms of mange found in felines is demodicosis or demodectic mange. This type of mange causes inflammation to the skin. Mange is usually caused by mites that may or may not be visible to the eye. The mites that cause demodectic mange are often invisible to the naked eye. Look for unexplained skin irritations, loose hair or even hair falling out or bald spots on your cat. If you see these, please call your vet as your cat may have mange. In most cats, mange is treatable and can clear fairly quickly. Cats that are already sick, however, may have a harder time getting rid of the mites. Intense cases can cause skin lesions, genetic disorders, immune system problems, or additional hair loss may follow. Talk to your veterinarian cy-fair to learn more. 


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