Does your dog need an automatic water dish?

Your dog is a big part of your life and it’s important to you that she has what she needs to thrive in your care. How can you determine if an automatic water dish would help her stay hydrated?

Your pet needs to have cool, fresh water available to her at all times. This means that she will need her dish to be refilled once it’s emptied, and an automatic water dish can help you with this if you are noticing that you are coming home to an empty bowl or your pet seems to require more water than a traditional dish can handle at one time. This is because you will fill it with more than one serving that is then distributed to your pet as it’s needed, whether you are there with her or otherwise occupied. Your local veterinary clinic Savannah, GA can help you better understand what your pet needs from you.

More tips can be found at your Westside Animal Hospital Savannah, GA.


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