Why do Dogs Eat Poop?

Not all dogs eat poop. Some dogs, however, do eat poop and it’s  actually pretty common. The medical term for this odd behavior is called  Coprophagia. Some dogs just like to eat poop. It doesn’t matter if it’s  their own or another dog’s or a cat’s, a horse’s or even a wild  animal’s poop. Dogs are drawn to poop and they tend to smell and taste.  Some people may think dogs eat poop because of a lack of nutrients in  their own diet. This has not been proven to always be true. What can be  determined is that some dogs that eat poop could pick up bacteria such  as Salmonella and even spread that bacteria. If your dog is eating poop  constantly, please call your vet. You may need to sprinkle MSG or MSG  product on your dog’s food. This will cause your dog’s poop to taste  terrible which can distract him from eating his own poop. For additional details, contact your animal hospital Jefferson, IA. Or schedule an appointment here.


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