Signs of Fatty Liver in Cats

Fatty liver disease is also referred to as Hepatic Lipidosis. It can  be a genetic or inherited condition that occurs in cats. It can also be a  result of another illness. For instance, if your cat is suffering from  an illness that causes rapid weight loss then the cat’s body could  assume it’s in starvation mode and start sending large amounts of fat to  be processed for energy in the liver. These large masses of fat are too  much for the liver to handle and it begins to shut down. Signs of fatty  liver disease in cats may include prolonged anorexia, rapid weight  loss, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, muscle wasting, depression,  downward flexion of the head and neck, yellowing of the eyes, drooling,  and possible collapse in later stages. You should notify your  veterinarians Carroll, IA immediately of your cat’s illness or change in  symptoms. Click here for more details.


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