Potential Health Problems Of Mother Cats

A mother cat that has just given birth have a high risk of developing potential health issue that include the following: 


It  is an infection that affect the mammary glands. An important  predisposing factor is when the milk production of the mother cat is  heavy and there is milk retention. The teats of affected mother cats become  swollen and hot and the mother may not allow the kittens to suckle  milk. This is an emergency that needs prompt veterinary attention. The  kittens will have to be hand-fed and given milk replacer until their  mother has recovered.  


Also called  “milk fever”, it is caused by calcium deficiency during pregnancy and  lactation. Affected cats suffer from seizures, muscle tremors, and may  stagger and pant excessively.  


This  is a life-threatening infection of the uterus that needs prompt  veterinary attention. Affected mother cats have a foul-smelling vaginal  discharge, fever, lethargy, and milk production usually stops.  

Any  symptom exhibited by a mother cat and/or her kittens should be brought  to the attention of a veterinarian Sarasota, FL immediately. Or visit this website.


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