Hypoglycemia in Cats

Have you heard of hypoglycemia? It can occur in people and in animals including cats. Hypoglycemia is when the blood sugar level or glucose level is abnormally low. If this happens in your cat then your cat may have a sudden decrease of energy. His appetite may change, he may appear weak, restless, confused and he may even pass out. Hypoglycemia may be caused due to an underlying health problem or it could also be caused as a result of diabetes and poor regulation of the blood sugar. The brain needs to have a constant supply of glucose in order to function properly. An underlying illness could be preventing that which could trigger a hypoglycemic episode. Diabetes could cause an episode as well if the insulin given is too much or too little. If you’re concerned with your cat’s health or sugar levels, please call your veterinary clinic Carolina Forest, SC right away.


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