How to Check your Cat for Fleas

If you notice that your cat is itching a lot then she may have a tick or a flea on her. Feel around in the area of her fur and skin where she was scratching most. If you feel a bump, part the hair with your fingers or a comb and examine the skin. If you find a tick, carefully pull it off making sure to pinch at the skin and pull straight up to remove the entire body. If there’s a raised red bump then it’s most likely a flea bite. Look for other raised red bumps. A trail of bites will often lead you to the culprit flea. If possible, pinch the flea and pull him off your cat. If you can’t get the flea, comb or brush your cat to stir the flea up and check again. If you still have trouble locating and picking the flea off, talk to your vet Plano, TX for tips.


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