Reasons For Excessive Tearing In Dogs

There are various medical problems affecting the eyes of dogs in  which excessive tearing and draining are prominent symptoms. Eye issues  may range from mild to moderate to very serious. Here are important  underlying reasons for excessive tearing in dogs: 

Eye infections 

Infections  that affect the eye may be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. These  problems could be initiated by the presence of an irritant in the eye.  Dogs can also acquire the infection from other animals. Eye infections  should be treated with appropriate medications that are usually  administered as ointment or eye drops several times a day, depending on  the recommendations of your veterinarian.  


A dog that are hypersensitive to allergens in the environment can have red and weepy eyes, like hay fever in humans.  


Any type of trauma or injury to the eyes can lead to excessive tearing and drainage.  

Obstruction of the tear ducts 

A  blocked tear duct (naso-lacrimal duct) prevents draining of tears  through the nose causing normal tears to overflow from the eyes.  

 It is recommended that you set an appointment with your animal hospital  Sarasota, FL if your pet is exhibiting excessive tearing and eye  drainage. Click this link to know more:


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