Signs Of Luxating Patellas In Dogs

Luxating patella is a common problem affecting mostly small breed  dogs. Normally, the patella or knee cap sits in a groove in the leg bone  or femur. In dogs with luxating patella, this groove is shallower than  normal, causing the patella to slip out during walking. In many cases,  the patella tends to go back in, but there are instances when it remains  outside the groove. When the patella slides out of the groove, the dog  may appear to favor the affected hind leg as they walk, but after a few  strides, the patella may slide back in and leg is used normally as if  nothing happened. Chronic cases of luxating patella can pave the way for  damage to the knee cartilage, ligament tears, inflammation, and pain.  Affected dogs may be unwilling to walk on the affected leg as they cry  out in pain limp, and lick at their knee.  

Abnormal gait, pain, and other problems affecting a dog’s ability to walk should be checked out by a veterinarian care Sarasota, FL.


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