Why You Should Consider Having Your Pet Spayed Or Neutered

Responsible pet ownership calls for pets to be spayed or neutered to prevent  mating and giving birth to unwanted puppies. Although many pet owners  understand the importance of having their pets fixed, there are still  those who are unsure if spaying or neutering is good for the health and  well-being of their pets. Knowing the benefits of surgery will enable pet owners to make educated decisions for their pets.  

The  benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered outweigh the cons.  Millions of dogs are being euthanized each year as the numbers of  unwanted dogs continue to rise. Sadly,  it has become a crisis that pet owners should take seriously. For  female dogs, spaying is the best way to prevent infections and problems  of the uterus, as well as development of breast tumors, about 50% of  which are malignant or cancerous. Experts recommend  spaying female dogs before they experience their first heat. Once  spayed, a female dog will no longer go into heat. On the other hand,  neutered male dogs are protected against testicular cancer and some  problems of the prostate gland.  

Your veterinarian Lakewood Ranch, FL is ready to address questions and/or concerns that you may have about pet spaying and neutering. For more information, visit this link:


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