Common Causes Of Litter Box Problems In Cats

Inappropriate elimination is a common problem that many cat parents have to deal with. There are many reasons why a cat stops using the litter box. These reasons can be behavioral, physical, or medical in nature. Here are the most common reasons for litter box evasion in cats: 

  • Arthritis and joint problems 

The pain and discomfort of the inflamed and swollen joints make it difficult for cats to climb in and out of litter boxes, especially those with high sides.  

  • Metabolic issues 

Cats suffering from diabetes, kidney disease, and other metabolic problems often have an increase in the amount of urine produced by the body. Affected cats may fail to get to the box in time especially when they have to walk far or go up and down the stairs to the box.  

  • Paw injury 

The pain of a paw injury makes it uncomfortable and painful to walk on litter. 

  • Lower urinary tract disorders 

Cats suffering from any disorder of the lower urinary tract may stop using the litter box because of the pain.  

  • Cognitive dysfunction 

Senior cats with dementia may forget the location of the litter box and how to use it properly.    

Considering that there is a long list of potential causes of litter box evasion, you should make an appointment with your best veterinary clinic Lakewood Ranch, FL if your cat keeps on avoiding the litter box.


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