Polydactyly In Cats

Polydactyly is a type of gene mutation in which affected cats have more toes  than normal; the number can range between 4 to 7 toes on a paw. The  condition is usually manifested on the front paws, but it can also occur  on the cat’s hind paws. However, polydactyly on all 4 paws is an  extremely rare occurrence.  

While the condition  does not have a profound harmful effect on the health and wellness of  cats, the few extra toes can make nail trimming more challenging. A  condition that is often mistaken for polydactyly is feline radial  hypoplasia, which can be extremely harmful to a cat’s health. Both conditions are characterized by the development of extra toes. But in feline radial hypoplasia, the extra toes grows immediately next to the normal toes, causing the cat’s feet to become extremely large and flat. Cats with feline radial hypoplasia should never be bred as they can give rise to offspring with severe paw deformities.  

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