Tips To Protect Your Pet Dog's Paws

A dog’s paws are prone to various issues such as injuries, allergies, and yeast and bacteria  infections. Dogs suffering from anxiety can also chew and lick their  paws obsessively until they’re raw. Here are some tips to protect your  pet’s paws: 

  • To prevent injuries, don’t let your dog walk on surfaces where sharp rocks, broken glass, and other sharp objects are present.  
  • A  dog’s paws are very sensitive to heat, thus avoid walking on hot  surfaces or pavements with your dog during outdoor excursions.  
  • If your dog’s paws are sensitive, use only housecleaning products that contain natural ingredients to clean carpets and floors. This is also true with lawn products.  
  • Sweep  your yard frequently to make sure that there are no potential hazards  like broken glass, bits of metal, shark rocks, etc. that could cause  injury to your dog.  
  • Always wash your pet’s paws with soap and warm water becoming allowing them inside after being outdoors.  
  • If your pet is chewing and licking his paws because of an allergy, contact with your veterinarian Leesburg, VA about the best way to alleviate symptoms.  


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