Important Predisposing Factors Of Pemphigus In Cats And Dogs

Pemphigus is an autoimmune disease of unknown cause. The immune  system of affect cats and dogs attack the skin cells and tissues leading  to clinical symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no cure and treatment is  aimed at addressing the symptoms exhibited by affected pets. There are,  however, some important factors that have been identified that may  trigger flare-ups. These include the following: 

  • Genes -  Some breeds, such as akitas and chow chows are more prone to developing  pemphigus. The condition tends occur among littermates. However, there  is no breed predilection that has been observed in cats. 
  • Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light - Flare-ups tend to occur during  summer when pets are likely to spend time outdoors under the rays of the  sun. The condition tends to improve during winter when pets are  confined indoors.  
  • Medications - Flare-ups have been  observed about 7 days after the first does of certain medications. But  some reactions can occur within 24 hours if the medication has triggered  a flare-up in the past. If your pet appears to be showing side effects  to a new medication, inform your vet Ashburn, VA immediately.  
  • Cats and dogs with a history of allergies, systemic lupus,  hypothyroidism, and other chronic conditions are prone to developing  pemphigus. Read more here.


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