Demodicosis In Cats And Dogs

Demodicosis in cats and dogs is a skin disease that is caused by  mites (Demodex sp). It is commonly known as mange. The mites are present  in the skin in small number and generally cause no harm. But the  animal’s immune system become compromised, mites can rapidly multiply  and cause irritation and skin problems. Affected pets suffer from  extreme discomfort as a result of extreme persistent itching. There are  skin sores that produces a foul odor. Skin redness, scabbing, and  crusting may also be present. There will also be hair loss and bald  spots. 

Demodocosis in pets may be localized or  generalized. Localized demodicosis affects only a small part of the body  and the lesions are usually present on the face and/or legs. The  condition is very common in puppies; about 90% of the cases resolve on  their own even without any treatment.  On the other hand, generalized  demodicosis affects the pet’s entire body. Lesions are found in large  patches of skin, or the animal’s entire body may be scaly, bald, patchy,  and there is usually secondary infection. The problem is more common in  younger pet; about 50% recover without treatment. Generalized  demodicosis in older pets usually signify an underlying serious medical  problem. Chronic cases of generalized demodicosis often has a hereditary  component and affected dogs are not recommended for breeding.  

Schedule an appointment with a vet clinic Ashburn, VA if you notice any signs of demodicosis displayed by your pet.


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