Grain-Free Diet For Cats -- Advantages And Disadvantages

There are now many pet owners who believe t hat grain-free diets are better for their cats than those that contain corn, wheat, or rice. But is it really the ideal diet for your pet?

Here are the benefits and disadvantages of grain-free diets for cats:


  • Grain-free pet food contains more meat-based proteins, such as fish and meat. 
  • Cats that are allergic to grains benefit from eating grain-free diets because the ingredient allergens in the pet food that causes hypersensitivity reactions are eliminated. 


  • Considering that grain-free foods tend to be higher in protein, they could also be higher in fat content. To help you choose the right diet for your pet, consult with your professional veterinarian Ellicott City, MD
  • Grain-free foods that contain more meat-based protein tend to be more expensive. However, smaller portions are usually given to cats which will help make up for the difference in prices. 


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