Some Reasons Why Hamsters Chew The Bars Of Their Cage

Have you ever wondered why your pet hamster seems to spend a lot of time chewing the bars of their cage? Here are 2 reasons to explain the behavior:

Chewing is an instinctive behavior

Like other rodents, the 4 front teeth (incisors) of hamsters does not stop growing. Thus, they need to chew on something to keep their teeth well-trimmed. Without proper chewing options, their incisors can grow too long and cause pain during eating; it can also cause injury inside the mouth that could eventually lead to infection. There have been cases when the untrimmed teeth of hamsters grow excessive to reach the brain and cause death. If the only chewing option is the cage bars, your pet hamster can end up with crooked teeth. There are various chewing options you can offer to your pet hamster such as wood branches, hamster sticks, as well as fruits and veggies that your pet can chew and nibble on to keep their incisors at an ideal length. 

Small cage

Even with their small size, hamsters are wired to run long distances in their natural habitat. Having a spacious enclosure gives them enough space to engage in natural behaviors. A very small cage can be restricting to them, creating the urge to escape. Chewing on the bars of their cage is an attempt to escape. 

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