What To Do If Your Dog’s Face Is Swelling

There are many reasons for facial swelling in dogs. The condition is usually secondary to a primary problem. Some causes may serious but some are not. However, there is always a need for medical intervention. An acute allergic reaction usually causes the face to well. It can be a hypersensitive reaction to vaccinations, insect bites, bee stings, pollen, toxins, and other environmental allergens. The swelling is caused by an inflammatory response of the body. Swelling usually occurs on the dog’s eyelids and muzzle. The dog’s neck may also be swollen. It could also be due to the presence of a lump or tumor growth. Other potential causes of facial swelling in dogs include tooth and gum problems and trauma.

The treatment of facial swelling in dogs generally depends on the cause. It is recommended that you bring your pet to your Pet clinic Des Moines, IA for proper diagnosis and treatment. 


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