Obesity in Cats

Obesity is becoming an all too popular problem in the animal kingdom. Dogs, cats, etc. have started to pack on the extra pounds just like some owners. If you are concerned with your cat’s weight, give your vet a call to talk about your cat’s daily routine and diet. You can also have your vet weigh your cat to find out if the weight has changed much since the last visit. You could weigh your cat at home by standing on the scale while holding your cat and then standing on the scale without your cat. Simply subtract the difference and that will give you the ca’s weight. You can also stand over your cat and look down. If there’s no waistline then your cat probably could use a few pounds. If there is a waistline then your cat is right on target. Waistline and bones signal underweight. Talk to your veterinary clinic Portland, OR to learn more.


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