Top Causes Of Skin Allergy In Cats

Cats that are suffering from allergies tend to scratch more often.  The skin is often the organ that bears the brunt of most allergic  reactions in cats. The top causes of skin allergy in cats are the  following: 


Some cats are allergic to a  substance that is present in the saliva of fleas. Hypersensitive cats  suffer from extreme itching and irritation even from one flea bite only.  The best way to prevent flea allergies is to have a flea preventive  program that will protect your pet from flea bites throughout the year.   


Airborne allergens can cause “atopy”, a  type of allergic reaction associated with inhaled allergens. There is  itching  on various parts of the body and persistent scratching can lead  to broken skin, secondary bacterial infection, and hair loss.  

Contact allergens 

Physical  contact with some chemicals or substances can cause hypersensitive cats  to develop an allergic reaction. These include certain shampoos,  fabrics, cleaning products, plastic, etc.  

Food allergies 

A cat that is allergic to an ingredient/s in their pet food can suffer from skin itching as well as digestive problems.  

A  cat that suffers from frequent and severe bouts of itching should be  brought to a best animal hospital Plano, TX for proper veterinary attention.


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