Why Weight Control Is Important In Dogs

Carrying excess fats puts a strain on the body of overweight or obese  dogs. Unfortunately, about half of the cat and dog population in the US  are weighing more than what is healthy for them. Excess weight has  serious complications as this can increase your pet’s risk of developing  serious health issues and/or worsening pre-existing conditions. Being  overweight or obese can also make life challenging and uncomfortable for  your pet.  

Consuming too many calories and too little  exercise are generally the culprits of dogs being overweight or obese.  But there are also certain health issues that can increase a dog’s risk  to weight gain, such as Cushing’s disease or hypothyroidism.   

The  best way to prevent too much weight gain in dogs is to divide his daily  food allocation into several small meals given at fixed times  throughout the day. Food should not be left out at all times to avoid  grazing especially when boredom sets in.  

It is recommended that  you work closely with your veterinarian Frisco, TX to ensure that your  pet loses the extra pounds in a healthy manner. Click this link to learn more:


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