Decoding Dog Food -- What Do The Terms “Natural” and “Organic” Mean?

Many pet food formulas are now specialized thus you may notice dog  foods that are labeled “Natural”, “Organic”, “Holistic”, or  “Homeopathic”. But what do these terms actually mean?  


In  pet food, a “Natural” label generally refers to how the product was  processed. These products don’t have artificial colors, preservatives,  flavors, growth hormones, or GMOs. Since there is no particular  consideration with how ingredients are grown, they may utilize  ingredients that were grown using petroleum-based and inorganic  fertilizers, pesticides, and synthetic growth hormones.  


Pet  food products that are labeled “Organic” are manufactured based on  specific guidelines set by the USDA. The requirements also cover how  ingredients are grown, processed, and handled. Pet foods that are  certified 100% organic don’t have any GMOs, synthetic pesticides,  herbicides, or irradiation.  

Do call your veterinarian Frisco, TX before making any changes to your pet’s diet. 


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