Are There Any Side Effects Of Fish Oil For Dogs And Cats?

Fish oil supplements are important sources of essential fatty acids  (omega-3 and 6) for pets. These supplements offer various benefits  including healthy skin and hair coat, anti-inflammatory effects, brain  and eye development in juvenile pets, and slow down growth of some types  of cancer. Fish oil supplements can be given in capsule or liquid form.   

When it comes to side effects, fish oil is not really  toxic when taken in correct amounts. Overdosing can possibly cause the  following side effects: 

  • Diarrhea — This can occur in pets with gastrointestinal problems or when a pet has been given too much fish oil.  
  • If your pet cat or dog is on any blood-thinning medications, do consult  your vet before giving any fish oil supplement. This is also true in  pets that are already taking anti-inflammatory medications or is on  immuno-suppressive therapy.  
  • Omega-3 fatty acids have  been demonstrated to slow down the clotting of blood by interfering in  the blood platelets’ ability to stick together. If your cat is allowed  to venture outdoors, you should consult your veterinarian Frisco, TX  before giving any fish oil supplement to your kitty because they can  easily get into fights with other cats, dogs, or wild animals.  
  • Excessive consumption of fish oil can make your pet’s breath smell a bit fishy.


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