Treating Bladder Stones In Dogs

The treatment regimen for bladder stones in dogs includes a round of antibiotics and a special diet. If it’s a struvite bladder stone, antibiotics are usually prescribed by your vet. The dog will also have to be placed on a special diet to help dissolve the bladder stones. The dog should be closely supervised by your veterinarian while being on the diet because it is formulated to produce more acidic urine to break down the bladder stones. However, the urine pH needs to be monitored because too much acidity can increase the likelihood of calcium oxalates forming. Surgery might also be necessary to get the bladder stones out. Lithotripsy is another procedure that uses ultrasonic shock waves to break up the stones so they can be eliminated from the dog’s bladder. 

If your pet has been found to have bladder stones, speak with your reputed vet Portage, MI about the treatment options that are available. 


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