Pigeon Canker

Canker is an important cause of breathing problems in pigeons. It is caused by a protozoan parasite that is usually found in the crop, throat, proventiculus, and other parts of the pigeon’s digestive tract. Bird to bird transmission is the primary way by which it can be acquired, especially when water bowls are shared, billing with other pigeons, and when a mother pigeon feeds crop milk to her young. 

The symptoms exhibited by affected pigeons depend primarily on the part of the body that is affected. But in many cases of canker, the lesions (nodules) can be found on the bird’s throat, making breathing difficult. Nodules may also develop in the sinuses or on the navel of nesting pigeons. Other symptoms that may be exhibited include weight loss, diarrhea, bleeding from the bird’s mouth and/or cloaca, and lethargy. 

Speak with your vet Carrollton, GA about the best way to protect your pet pigeon against canker and other important health issues. 


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