Cat Grooming

Did you know that cats need to be groomed on a routine basis? Some  cats can handle this fo themselves. For instance, cats tend to self  groom quite a bit. You see, they have a tongue with some rough spots on  it that serve like little brushes or rakes. Odd, but true. This helps  the cat brush through their own fur. This removes debris, removes the  cat’s scent (ward off predators), and helps push oils around the skin  and fur. The oils are needed to help keep the cat warm in the winter and  cool in the summer. If your cat doesn’t self groom a lot or if your cat  is an excessive shedder then you may need to brush him on your own as  well or consider taking him to the groomer for an occasional bath and  then a more routine brush and de-shedding. If you need help figuring out  what’s best for your particular cat then give your pet clinic Eau Claire, WI a call. Schedule an appointment today!


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