How to Treat Epilepsy in Golden Gerbils

The Golden gerbil is a type of gerbil popular among gerbil owners.  This cute gerbil is easy to care and can be fun to watch and spend time  with. There are different health conditions that can affect gerbils that  you should be aware with. Some gerbils have been known to develop  seizures around 2 or 3 months of age and then grow out of it on their  own around 6 months of age. Things to look for include trance like  behavior, muscle twitches, convulsions, etc. You should consult with  your vet right away. Only a professional vet can make a diagnosis and  recommend treatment if needed. Severe episodes may involve ear  twitching, whisker twitching, jerking of the entire body, etc. This may  need medication to control. In some cases, the gerbil will just grow out  of it. For more details, call your vet clinic Eau Claire, WI to learn more. 


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