Overweight Dogs

Do you think your dog might be overweight? If so, call your vet and  schedule a checkup. Your vet can help you weigh your dog (especially if  it’s a large breed like a German Shepherd and in home scale will not  work). Your vet can then tell you what an ideal weight for your dog.  Your vet may take into account the amount of exercise your dog gets or  the amount of exercise your dog is able to get. (I.e. some dogs with  hurt legs, achy joints, or injuries can’t move around as much).  Considering these factors plus your lifestyle and whether you’re able to  take your dog for routine walks or not can all be used to calculate a  diet and exercise plan for your dog. It’s best to check with your veterinarians Eau Claire, WI when you first get concerned. Don’t wait  too long in case your dog is dangerously overweight and needs help ASAP.  


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