What might bother your dog’s paws?

You know that your dog is filled with courage and is eager to step into new situations, but her paws may not be on the same page. Her sensitive paw pads can easily be hurt and will need your help to stay in top shape.

Your pet’s paws come into direct contact with the ground below her, which means that her skin is touching this surface. Extreme temperatures can be very harmful to your pet’s paws, so be sure to keep her from walking on very cold or very warm surfaces. Rough terrain can also be a problem, as it can scrape her skin. There may also be irritants that she comes into contact with, like salt on a sidewalk, that could cause her some discomfort as well. Be aware of where she is spending time so you can offer her ways to keep her paws safe and comfortable. Your local reputed pet clinic Murrieta, CA can offer additional suggestions.


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