What’s In Pet Food?

Although some pet food products are formulated scientifically using only the best natural ingredients, there are those that contain unwholesome ingredients that are frowned upon by pet nutritionists. Consumption of poor quality pet food has given rise to an increase in the number of food-related conditions that resulted in health issues and even death of affected pets. 

Because of these dog food related deaths, many pet owners became alarmed and have chosen to formulate homemade rations for their dogs. While this is a positive step in the right direction, homemade rations will demand time and expertise to make a balanced ration for your pet. You must keep in mind that when certain nutrients/micronutrients are absent or inadequate, there can be manifestation of deficiency symptoms that can predispose major health conditions.

Aside from consulting with your pet clinic Norwalk, CA your best guide for selecting the best food for your pet are dog food reviews. These reviews are often given by veterinarians and dog owners who have tried and evaluated a particular dog food brand.


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