Pros Of Clipping Your Pet Bird’s Wings

The primary reason why the wings of pet birds are clipped is to make sure that they won’t fly away. The procedure involves trimming the primary feathers (also called ‘flight feathers’) so they cannot fly. A pet bird that is allowed to fly indoors are prone to various risks, such as flying into a mirror, a boiling pot on the stove, or out an open door or window. There are many indoor perils that pet birds can be exposed which can be a far cry from the ones they face int he wild. By clipping your pet bird’s wings, you can help limit their exposure to indoor dangers such as ceiling fans, toilets, ovens, etc. 

A bird whose wings are clipped becomes more dependent on their owner. And this means spending more time with their owner which is a great way to bond and interact. 

There are various health issues that pet birds can suffer from. Do set an appointment with a veterinary clinic Glen Ellyn, IL if you have any concerns. 


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