Some Birds That Are Unsuitable For Kids

Birds make adorable pets; some make ideal pets for kids, while there are those best suitable for experienced bird owners. When choosing a bird for your kid, be sure to learn as much as you can about the species of birds you are interested in so you will know which is can be an appropriate for your kid.

Two of the several bird species that are NOT for kids are Macaws and Cockatoos


Macaws have heavy bodies and are powerful birds.  Their large beaks could wound a small child even if the bird is only trying to play. They also need lots of time and attention that kids are unable to meet. 


Like macaws, cockatoos have a powerful beak that can be extremely painful. Although known for their friendly behavior, these birds have complex needs that include lots of interaction and socialization. 

You can also ask your animal hospital Norwalk, CA for advice on what would make be the best bird species for your child.


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