Do Pet Rabbits Need Vaccination?

Yes, your pet rabbit will benefit from vaccination to protect itself from certain serious health issues that can sometimes be fatal. For these medical problems, vaccination is the best way to take a proactive approach to your pet’s protection. Before your pet rabbit will be vaccinated, it will undergo a thorough medical examination to assess his health. This is a great opportunity to spot any health issues that may be developing so they can be nipped in the bud. Rabbits are generally vaccinated starting from when they are 5 weeks old. The first vaccine that is given is Myxomatosis-RHD1. Take note that immunity takes at least 3 weeks to develop after vaccination. An annual vaccination is needed to ensure optimum protection. RHD2 vaccines are administered every 6-12 months, given at least at 2 weeks interval from the annual shot of Myxomatosis-RHD1. Speak with your best veterinarian Thorold, ON if you have questions about your pet’s vaccination plan. 


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