Treating Sarcoptic Mange In Dogs

Sarcoptic mange is caused by the mite Sarcoptes sp. When mites burrow on a dog’s skin, it causes intense itching, scabbing, and hair loss. During examination, a veterinarian may perform skin scraping tests to confirm initial diagnosis based on the skin lesions that are present. Treatment for sarcoptic mange in dogs include using products that contain active ingredients that can kill mites such as ivermectin. There are also dog shampoos that helps kill mites and alleviate symptoms. Things used by a mangy dog such as collars, beds, and harnesses should be machine washed or replaced (old ones should be disposed of appropriately as they may contain mites). Since sarcoptic mange is very contagious, all dogs in the household should be treated even if others are not showing signs of infection. Even after treatment, a dog is still capable of transmitting the problem for about a month, thus they need to be quarantined during this time. 

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