Guinea Pig Playtime

Your guinea pig is a high social animal and he needs daily exercise.  Give him things to climb on and tunnel through his cage. This gives him  something fun to do as you add exercise into his routine. Your pig also  needs daily exercise outside his cage. Supervise your guinea pig  whenever he is outside the cage. Allow him to run around but protect him  from accidental kicking, falling or pet attacks. Protect your guinea  pig from nibbling on electrical wires or eating toxic plants. Allow your  guinea pig to climb on you or run through a maze. Hide treats  throughout the room to entice your pig to run around. Never put your  guinea pig into a hamster ball even if it seems large enough for him.  These balls will stress your guinea pig’s spine. Exercise wheels cause  too much curve to the spine and can cause injury too. Contact your vet  clinic Columbia, MD to learn more. Click this link for additional information:


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