The Importance of Playing with Your Dog

Play is essential in maintaining your dog’s health. An active dog is less likely to suffer with arthritis, heart disease or obesity. Keeping his body strong and flexible helps lead to a longer life with lots of fun. Fortunately, dogs love to play. Structured play where your dog needs to follow rules also helps stimulate his brain. You can help improve your dog’s mental health by focusing on seeking and retrieving games. Playtime also gives you an opportunity to bond with your dog. He should look to you as an authority but also as a source of fun and good times. Your dog benefits from socialization if you allow him to play with other dogs. If your dog is well behaved with dogs and people, he will be a pleasure to be around. Include your obedience training during playtime to keep your dog under control. But most importantly, have fun. Consult with your vets Columbia, MD to learn more. 


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