Aggressive Behavior In Pet Rabbits

Aggressive behavior in pet rabbits is often triggered by fright, fear, or the presence of a perceived threat. Aggressive displays may be directed toward other rabbits, other pets, objects, or even humans. Unfortunately, aggression in rabbits can be a challenge to overcome, especially in rabbits that are not spayed or neutered. Some cases of aggression can take several weeks or more to address until desired results are achieved. It may take tons of patience until you can see some improvements; be prepared to deal with a few setbacks. But with persistence, patience, and consistency, you can help your pet rabbit overcome the behavior. 

A rabbit that is displaying aggressive behavior should never be punished because it can only make the problem much more worse. Punishment can trigger feels of fear or of being threatened. Positive reinforcement is very important and be sure to wear protective gear, such as boots and/or gloves when dealing with an aggressive rabbit. 

It is also recommended to consult with your best veterinarian Marion, IA because aggression can be brought about by pain caused by an underlying health issue. Click here for more information.


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