When to Wean your Puppies

Has your dog recently had puppies? If so, you probably want to contact your vet and have the mom and puppies in for a checkup and look over. Your vet can also help you put together a timeline of the things your dog and puppies will need throughout the first few weeks. Your vet can also help with a schedule for weaning the puppies. In general, weaning takes place at three or four weeks of age. The weaning process should be complete around seven or eight weeks of age. The weaning process is when you gradually reduce the puppy’s dependence on his mother’s milk and care. You slowly remove the puppies from the mother for a few minutes each day and build up to long times without the mom. At the same time you should be introducing the puppies to milk or water from a bowl. You can learn more by talking to your veterinary clinic Fort Collins, CO.


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