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How to Break Your Dog’s Habit of Begging at the Table

Teaching your dog good manners can be difficult without him developing bad manners in the first place. If your dog decides he wants to beg at the table, here’s what you should do.

The easiest solution is to prevent your dog from entering the dining room when it’s time to eat. He can’t beg if he isn’t even in the room! Try letting him outside during dinner or place him in a kennel in another room.

If you want your dog to spend time with you and your family while you eat, some training will be needed. First, everyone at the table must never give your pet a treat. If they do, he’ll just beg again.

Next, try giving your pet a safe place to hang out in the dining room so he can curl up and take a nap while you eat. Call your veterinary clinic Thorold, ON for more tips!


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