Basic Health Care Of Cattle

Health problems in cattle can be significantly reduced when there is  good quality pasture, clean and well-maintained housing conditions, a  complete and balanced diet, and plenty of sunshine. Your cattle will  benefit from some grooming help such as regular brushing of their hair  coat to keep their skin and hair healthy, regular hoof trimming and  checking the hooves for cracks and other potential problems that can  affect the animal’s overall well-being. Lameness is a common cause of  euthanasia in cattle, especially in older ones. Professional hoof  trimming is necessary as the hoof contains sensitive tissues that an  easily be injured. Your veterinarian should have a look at your cattle’s  hooves every six months. Proper hoof trimming is very important. There  may be a need for maintenance trimming in between professional trimming  by a vet Westminster, MD. If you intend to do this, be sure to learn how  it is done properly to avoid any injuries and other potential problems. Click this website and make an appointment.


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